LOVE IS | a short film by Zee Smart

written, directed, shot, and edited

Josh and Grace, a Christian couple in college, struggle to navigate through when Grace gets her diagnosis. We follow Grace as she falls into depression, and Josh as he relies on God to be his strength. Faith, family, loyalty, and love are the things the couple clings to.


Crystal Viola: Acting is an extremely challenging yet rewarding art form. Like all art, you can only do your best and hope for the best. As an actress I am using myself as a brush stroke in a painting that is a director's visionary masterpiece. My career in acting has only begun, and my only expectation of it is to always have fun, no matter the amount of success or rejection.

Derek Trost: I’ve lived in the Portland area most of my life but am originally from Oakland, CA. I got in to acting because it’s always made me really happy, and it gives me the opportunity to meet some phenomenal people I would’ve never had to chance to meet without acting!


Writer, Director, DP, Gaffer, Editor - Zee Smart

Assistant Director - Shayleen Evans

PA / Second Camera - Charlie Nguyen

Sound recordist - Drevsen Shadley

Set Dresser / Wardrobe - Sarah Perez

Makeup Artist - Alana Garret

Additional Help - Kurt Larson

Behind the Scenes...